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::Shiri Appleby Stillness::
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Your icon must fit LJ standards.
- max. 100x100px
- max. 40kb
- PNG, GIF or JPG. Please, no BMPs!
Don't show your icon(s) anywhere before the results of challenge. They must stay anonymous.
You can only use the images provided with the challenge. Blending of images will be stated in the challenge. Brushes, borders, text, color, etc., are allowed, unless otherwise stated.
You do not have to be a member to vote, but you must be a member to participate. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
Don't vote for yourself. If you do vote for yourself your icon will be disqualified.
PLEASE, don't tell your friends to vote for you. However, you might tell them to vote but WITHOUT mentioning which icons are yours. I hate this kind of behaviour so if I catch sb on this, the person will be banned.
No icons can be animated - this is a stillness community.
Create new icons for each challenge.
If you'd like to use one of the challenge icons, you must wait until challenge ends and then ask for the maker's permission.
Your votes are gonna weigh. 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 3rd - 1 pt.
Submit your entries with both URL and img src code which you'll find in the challenge entry.


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